who sought to stop Kast’s neo-fascism, already Hong Kong Phone Number List knew the potential of voters they would have for the December 19 ballot, which he defined in the second round to the successor of Sebastián Piñera. The advance of José Antonio Kast and his commitment to Hong Kong Phone Number List break with liberal democracy, the route of historical fascism, occurred in contrast to a gigantic social mobilization that chose in 2020 to change the constitution inherited from the bloody dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) . In Chile , in the second round on Hong Kong Phone Number List Sunday, December 19, Gabriel Boric, candidate of the left-wing alliance, beat Kast by more than a million votes.

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8.5 million Chileans participated with a Hong Kong Phone Number List record number of participation of more than 55% of those eligible to vote, in voluntary elections. Gabriel Boric, 35, is today the youngest president in the history of Chile and currently in the world. 4.5 million votes obtained the candidate of Approve Dignity to rise with the victory. He prevailed with an advantage of 11.14%. Marco Enríquez Ominami, former Hong Kong Phone Number List candidate for the presidency, (son of the historic founder of the Chilean MIR, Miguel Enríquez) and who joined the alliance with the candidate of Approve Dignity in the second round, told La Republics that “he has won hope and Hong Kong Phone Number List has lost right-wing extremism.


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The ideas of the extreme right Hong Kong Phone Number List were overwhelmingly defeated. Chile is moving towards a constituent process with an adverse economy, but with a government of hope ”(LR20.12.21). “Boric’s triumph is a triumph of Latin American Progressism” as defined by the Puebla Group (GP) in a statement about the result ( BORIC’S TRIUMPH IS OF LATIN AMERICAN PROGRESSISM – Puebla Group ). Boric’s challenge is huge; During his term, he must Hong Kong Phone Number List vote for or against the New Constitution, currently under debate under the presidency of Elisa Loncón, who publicly supported Boric. The new and young Chilean president has also received the Hong Kong Phone Number List recognition and greetings of leaders from across the region and other continents, as “hope overcame fear

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