Because this is theisThe country of laws , as the poor like to Poland Phone Number List repeat that they manage to pass and get hold of papers and papers. It is not possible to speak of terrorism in the Middle East without considering the role of the North Western empires. It is not Poland Phone Number List possible to speak of the role of empires without corporate interests. As long as these exist, imperialism will exist and there will be bloody “defense wars.” In 1933, Smedley Butler, the most decorated general of his generation and hero of the Banana Wars, began to think and recognized: “I have been the muscle of Wall Street, a gangster of capitalism.” In 1961 another general, President Eisenhower, before being Poland Phone Number List accused of being a communist warned of the interference of the Military Industrial Complex in the government.

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The last “War on Terrorism” cost 8,000,000,000,000 dollars (twice the economy of all the Poland Phone Number List countries of Latin America combined), it caused the death of more than a million people and the displacement of another 38 million. How many terrorist groups does it take to Poland Phone Number Listreach any of these numbers? Well then, why is this universal absurdity possible? The racially motivated wrongful death of an American citizen can mobilize millions of outraged people, but when a hidden massacre of fifty children is leaked in the Middle East, it goes unnoticed. Does not exist. Isn’t imperialism the Poland Phone Number List greatest expression of racism? The shameful prison of Guantánamo,


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the center for the violation of Human Poland Phone Number List Rights in Cuba, has survived two decades of vain promises because even psychologists have made fortunes advising torturers. Like the CIA prison ships, Guantanamo is not US territory but occupied territory, and therefore its Poland Phone Number List humanitarian laws do not apply. Even hundreds of innocents tortured for years, many released like dry sponges, They will never achieve compensation, but rather stigmatization from the rest of the world. The same are the dozens of secret and illegal prisons that the CIA maintains around the world (black sites ) as if they were black holes of all human rights, those parallel governments that Washington maintains Poland Phone Number List while giving lessons on Human Rights.

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