The most optioned is Char. In Australian Email Lists addition, two other candidates who are not going to consult are going to play. One is the candidate of the Democratic Center, Oscar Iván Zuleika, and the other is the independent candidate, Rodolfo Hernández, former mayor of Bucaramanga. The first is Uribe’s apparent record and he will Australian Email Lists most likely remain outside the coalitions in order to obtain a parliamentary bench with which to negotiate. The second, his main proposal is anti-corruption, he is honest, but he does not represent a danger to the “system”. As has already been seen in his first speeches, everyone has Petrol in their sights. After the first round and if no Australian Email Lists candidate achieves more than 50% of the votes, everyone will call to vote for the “defense of the institutions”, “all against Petrol.”

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The strategy of the Historical Pact Australian Email Lists The political process known as the Historical Pact (PH) in Colombia – promoted and led by Gustavo Petrol – is part of the Latin American processes of change. It seems to be a sui generis experiment because this country is emerging from a very long and complex armed conflict. However, it is part of the recent progressive processes in Latin Australian Email Lists America, although due to a series of circumstances accumulated over time, it can experiment and specify new paths and contributions. Petrol has managed to unleash a process of agglutination and articulation of various social and political forces that, separated and isolated, could not Australian Email Lists confront the power of some dominant castes that use “all forms of struggle” to maintain their hegemony.


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The PH strategy is quite different from what was Australian Email Lists done until 4 years ago and that many people still have in their heads and hearts. Petrol brings people together around his ideas, his history as a fighter and leader of change, but at the same time, he tries to interpret and enhance the diversity of a country as complex as Colombia. The Historical Pact promotes and develops three (3) complex Australian Email Lists processes of “meeting ” that are: a) The “de facto” and “informal” meeting of social movements and people without a party; b) The “formal” coalition of specific and varied political sectors; and c) The pact between historical opposites (dynamic and conflictive) as a way to reconcile society and move forward. In the social sphere, there is a confluence of indigenous peoples, black communities, peasant Australian Email Lists sectors, urban workers and “middle classes.

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