According to Ericsson, in 2016 there were more. Than 2.6 billion people in the world. That there will be 6.1 billion people with access. To a smartphone which would be the equivalent. Of about 70 percent of the planet’s population. According to GfK, it is expected that during this 2017. Smartphones will rise 7 percent in price However, what is striking is that while gadgets. Electronics and televisions decrease in price, smartphones increase in price year with year, which makes them a staple product, but not available for all budgets. Although there are more manufacturers year after year, existing brands tend to add new features to smartphones.

With the Condition of Making Them More Expensive, and Instead

Of discouraging consumers, the effect is the opposite, as sales increase despite their high prices. Apparently, the demand for smartphones is due to Buy Israel Whatsapp Number the features they offer, although local manufacturers are emerging that have entered the market and are offering cheaper and more accessible options. The average price of a smartphone in North America increased 4 percent to more than $400 in the third quarter of 2017 , compared to 2016.


While in China It Increased 15 Percent to $327.

Likewise, the increases contemplate inflation in global markets, while that of the United States was 6.7 percent since 2012, so a cell phone that was worth 99 dollars in 2012 , today would be worth 107 dollars if it were the same, but with all adjustments , features and innovations, that smartphone would triple its price.

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