Then you can boost your sales with this functionality. The great thing is that adding this inventory information is part of your Google Shopping budget Nigeria Phone Number List and therefore does not incur any additional costs. Do you want to start using local inventory?

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Then a party like Channable can help you with that. With the local inventory functionality, Google tries to prevent visitors from going directly to a marketplace such as Amazon or bol. to search for a product. Example of inventory notification in Google Ads. In this case, a brand such as Fabienne Chapot with various stores in the Netherlands can also choose.

Nigeria Phone Number List
Nigeria Phone Number List


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This way the customer can pick up the dress in the store today. 3. Showing products in stock on social media Do you sell products through social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram? Then you can also pass on and show availability there. In the catalog where you collect all products, there is also a tab with stock available.

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