It is said that video is the format to bet on from now. On and with good reason as we have mentioned. On previous occasions cisco systems. Indicates that it will generate 82 percent of internet. Traffic by the year 2021 for businesses videos manage. To stand out for many features and benefits. Such as those pointed out by hubspot they can improve. The understanding that the user has about a product or. Service they can increase sales they. Can reduce the number of inquiries received boost. Traffic among other the good news is that this. Is not something exclusive to physical. Businesses but also to those wholly developed. In the digital world in fact for these online businesses they. Can be key elements especially if they are. Integrated with products do you know why you should. Use them as highlighted by invesp these are. The main data that justify. The use of video on product pages.

According to the Firm With the Use of Videos in This Space You

Can generate sales. According to the data, 73 percent of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video that explains how it works. Working with video can also have an impact on confidence. As the numbers highlight, up to 58 percent of consumers find an e-commerce page with product videos trustworthy. This format can lead to New Zealand Business Fax List more sales opportunities. The data indicates that consumers who watch product videos are 144 percent more likely to add that product to the shopping cart, compared to those who do not watch videos.Using videos increases the time that people can spend on your site.

Invesp Notes That Up to 60 Percent of Consumers in the Segment

New Zealand Business Fax List

Would rather watch a product video than read a text description of the product. Finally, it highlights that the use of videos improves purchase decision making. That’s right, the last point to highlight is important because it benefits the consumer, according to the information, up to 52 percent of consumers have indicated that watching product videos makes them feel more confident about online purchase decisions.

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