We subscribe to the meaning of his Palestine Email List thought, at the same time that we recognize ourselves in the class commitment contained in his immortal verse: “With the poor of I want the earth to cast my luck ”. United in this notion of humanity that Our America gives us, committed to the fate of the poor of the continent, we Palestine Email List understand that the defense of humanity today involves facing, all and all united, the multifaceted crisis that hits our peoples. Although the crisis was immediately triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, in reality what it came to highlight was a deep economic crisis and of democratic and civilizing values ​​of the system, which had been accumulating Palestine Email List for more than a decade.

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The international scene is characterized Palestine Email List at this juncture by contradictory and conflicting signals, especially in our continent, where while we are witnessing the emergence of progressive and left-wing governments, we see setbacks in the social and political spaces previously Palestine Email List conquered by the popular and social sectors. the resurgence of conservative currents, some of which do not hide the retrograde of their thinking. Faced with this dilemma, in the face of this contradiction, some currents of the left and progressivism suggest as a response to abandon the programmatic proposals with greater class content, that is, those that generate more dissent, and move to positions closer to the Palestine Email List current conservative tendencies of the international system.


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Although we can respect that position and Palestine Email List recognize the right of these currents to move towards a center, which progressively drifts to the right, our proposal is contrary to that strategy. We think that conservative tendencies must be confronted with strength and determination from the left, from a renewed, unitary and plural left, which finds in a solid policy of principles the strength to confront the fascist Palestine Email List tendencies that are hidden in the false neoliberal discourse. , which defends a failed and anachronistic democracy. The inescapable complement of this leftist position is in the commitment to the specific demands of the social movements and to join their Palestine Email List mobilizations and protests.

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