There is an “obsession” to vaccinate the entire Taiwan Phone Number List population without exception. The accent, for the moment, falls more on compulsory vaccination than on confinement. Those vaccinated, however, can precisely contribute to the development of virus variants and can accelerate Taiwan Phone Number List the spread of COVID, says Dr. Günter Kampf, associate professor of hygiene and environmental medicine at the Greifswald University of Medicine, Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine. in Germany. As demonstrated in the establishment magazine The Lancet. Dr. Kampf is a rare dissenting Taiwan Phone Number List voice in the establishment on COVID-19 vaccines.

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The new variant of Covid-19, “Omicron”, was first Taiwan Phone Number List observed in South Africa, the only African country with high levels of vaccination. Dr. Kampf also states that the immunity generated by a COVID infection is more durable than immunity obtained by vaccination, since it quickly loses effectiveness. According to data from Johns Hopkins, vaccines do not constitute any ‘lifesavers’ against Covid-19 either since the Taiwan Phone Number List total accumulated number of deaths related to the Covid-19 disease in 2021 and reported as of November 22 in the US (with more than one month ahead), exceeded the figure of 386,500 cases, a figure above the 385,300 deaths observed in 2020 .

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This has happened despite the fact that no Taiwan Phone Number List Americans were vaccinated in 2020, against 59% of all Americans vaccinated in 2021. So, we ask ourselves: why can’t people have the right to choose whether to allow themselves to be vaccinated? or not to let a Taiwan Phone Number List vaccine “enter” your body? The only thing we know reliably is that the globalist elite needs and is determined to impose its ´Economic Reset´: to impose an order of power consistent with its unipolar globalist financial interests. This Economic-Reset is no longer only raised in relation to the Taiwan Phone Number List North American, UK, EU, etc. Unipolar Continentalisms.

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