Uber has still not managed to recover from. The sexual and labor scandals. Of the past few months that led to the resignation. Of its entire board, so the company. Is now seeking to regain credibility. But the only social segment that remains faithful. To the brand is according to analysts. While the majority of users gave up the service. Due to high rates and unsafe conditions. 53 percent of young people over 18 years. Of age said they “feel safe” aboard a private car. Through an agreement with Barclays and Visa. Uber launched its own credit card. For its users  where the company expects a traveler. To accumulate $5,000 in trips to reimburse them. For $50 as a rewards program , although in any case, the debts for use they would go to the company.

Mainly Because of Its Financial Tool Where if Users Use It

To pay mobile bills, the firm promises up to 600 dollars in rewards . Critics have pointed to the launch of the company as “the Uber generation”, as this segment of users seeks to respond to Buy Germany Whatsapp Numbers stimuli. However, the main problem with the Uber credit card is that it does not return money “directly” , on the contrary, it disguises the points generated by excessive use of the service in reward programs, but it does not return the money, when the current credit card trend is less points systems and more cash back programs , which is what millennials really want.


Analysts From Cnn Money and Bloomberg Believe That Far

From being competitive, Uber’s new credit card could be confusing and harmful because in addition to not returning money, it will charge interest on the smallest debt , so the credit program could be aimed at users from emerging nations, not exactly American or first world users, since the utility does not stand out for them, but for those who seek rewards.

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