After lorde was the first confirmed. The organizers of corona capital 18 announced. The official lineup which includes imagine dragons. Mgmt the chemical brothers. Nin inch nails and robie williams. The entertainment industry is one of the most. Profitable in the world largely due to its wide. Spectrum of expression of which concerts are. One of the favorites of millions of people. One of the events that has gained the most. Relevance in recent years is the corona capital. We know that events or event marketing are. One of the resources in the marketing industry. That if executed properly can help position. A brand product or service as well as deepen. The bond with the public. In this regard a recent study carried out. By the event marketing institute. Reveals that 89 percent of companies that implement. Event marketing strategies do so to increase. Their profits while 86 percent. Bet on these developments to. Boost brand awareness.

And if We Talk About the Mexican Context the Corona Capital Is

One of those that has earned a place among. The best music and art festivals that. Take place in the country. In fact, it is among the five festivals with the highest ticket revenue worldwide with more than 151,000 tickets sold in 2017, behind historical ones such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or great proposals such as Outside Lands and Electric Daisy Carnival, but surpassing others with a long history such as Lollapalooza and the Buy South Africa Whatsapp Numbers Pinkpop Festival. This places Corona Capital as one of the most attractive festivals for brands and, of course, for audiences. Proof of this is that every year the launch. Of the official poster is positioned. As a trend and this year is no exception.

This Afternoon the Organizers Presented the Official Poster

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For corona capital 2018 through social networks. But this time they opted for storytelling. To create a video with which they were showing. Each of the bands and artists that. Will be presented the hashtag #coroancapital18. Is a global trend with more than 24,000 tweets. In less than an hour after the video. Was published which has already accumulated. More than 812 retweets and 1,500 likes on twitter.

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