This is exactly the problem with many cookie banners. Instead of actually blocking the cookies, the cookies have already been placed. With all its consequences. Step 4. Compare with De Telegraaf You now have a good idea of ​​what the Thailand Phone Number List not to do. The cookie banner of De Telegraaf does work well. They also offer a clear option to accept a selection of cookies.

Cookie Banners other solutions

Back to the equation, follow the same steps as you did at NYTimes. You will see that under the ‘Sources’ tab at there are only a few services. These are cookies that are necessary for the website to function, such as the font and CDN. Then click on ‘Agree’ and you will see the cookies in the ‘Sources’ tab. You have given explicit consent for this, which means that it is allowed to do so.

Thailand Phone Number List
Thailand Phone Number List

You can see that De Telegraaf uses many services, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Criteo, and countless other solutions. De Telegraaf for accepting cookies. And below after accepting the cookies De Telegraaf after accepting cookies. Step 5. Check your own website! You now know how to check whether a cookie banner works or not.


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