4. An inexhaustible curiosity If you want to recruit an online marketer, you prefer to look for a T-shaped profile. People with expertise in a particular subject and with a broad knowledge of digital marketing. This allows them to work smoothly with Belarus Phone Number List other experts. Some candidates may not have that particular experience yet. Then it is important that they have an idea of ​​what that expertise entails.

Avg Requirements but equally important

Or at least which way they want to go. Do they want to develop into a marketing automation specialist? Or rather a focus on PPC advertising? Two main arguments for this: The most logical reason: you want to know what kind of expertise you are bringing in. Less obvious, but equally important.

Belarus Phone Number List
Belarus Phone Number List

Avg Requirements you want

To test the candidate’s knowledge of the current digital marketing landscape. curious owl As I mentioned earlier, we hired a lot of applicants with no actual experience. But what all these candidates did have in common is that they had a strong sense of their role. They had prepared, were informed, and had a genuine interest. How do you test ‘curiosity’ while recruiting?

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