There is no consensus among users about what should or should not be allow, even though we like to think that it is. The terms of Instagram and the law are clearer, but when a pretty lady they don’t suit everyone, so they don’t abide by them. In short: what are others allow to use and when can you stop others from using your content?

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Starting point: not your own, do not use The basic principle of both the conditions of Instagram and the Copyright Act is that you may only publish content that you have created yourself. Or rather: what you Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List yourself are the copyright owner of or for which you have a valid license. Anything is allowe with permission. Fortunately, there are some exceptions.

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Exceptions according to Instagram By creating an account, you must agree to the terms. There are therefore agreements between you and Instagram. You can’t get around that. One of those agreements is that you license Instagram. With this you give Instagram permission to do everything with your content, to publish it, make it public and give others the right to do the same, for example.

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