The organic crisis of a class or Peru Email List social group occurs insofar as it has exhausted all the forms of life implicit in its social relations, but, thanks to political society and its forms of coercion, the ruling class artificially maintains its domination and prevents that the new group of dominant tendencies replace it: “the organic crisis consists Peru Email List in that the old does not die and the new cannot yet be born.” If we agree with this diagnosis, the tasks of the Latin American and Caribbean left would be to make an effort to make the old die, instead of accepting its Peru Email List promises of well-intentioned reforms, which only give it oxygen in its agony.

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As an unavoidable complement is to Peru Email List promote the birth of the new, understanding that “the new” is socialism adapted to the current characteristics of our historical moment: a socialism that combats bureaucracy and centralist tendencies and that has drawn the appropriate lessons from the failures that preceded it. Assuming this strategic task as an imperative, we ask ourselves the question: is the current Peru Email List democracy, in force in its letter, in its mechanisms and in its spirit, a sufficient instrument to move towards a new democracy and new society? From our point of view, the answer is negative, because we consider that the prevailing democracy is part of “the old that Peru Email List does not finish dying.


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” We debate the paradox of aspiring to a Peru Email List new model of society and a new system, resorting to an anachronistic electoral instrument whose weaknesses are exposed every time there are elections. And even assuming that this democracy opens a process of transformation, which includes it, contesting and appropriating hegemony is not a unique process that is resolved once and for all, but a process Peru Email List that must be constantly renewed during the struggle. and after the popular sectors come to power. This hegemony must be expressed in a historical, national and popular project, the people understood as the sum of all the new contemporary social subjects. It must also generate a democracy Peru Email List that represents each and every citizen.

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