When you answer these basic questions, you can better determine what resources (technology, organization, and experience) you need. Answer the following questions: Which technology best meets the need? What roles are required (host, co-host, host, panelist)? Who answers the question about what resources do you need? In what way? How do you deal with negative reactions? Type and level of interaction (Q&A, polls, chat) You can better determine what resources you need using which promotions? Do you have experience with webinars or do you still need to hone it? Does your audience have experience with webinars or do they need an explanation? What follow-up will you be doing with the webinar? Get ready to script it yourself! E.g,

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Organizing a webinar for a 20-person consultation evening requires the same method as a 2,000-person webinar where you can better determine what resources you need. Live Webinars on Facebook Are you a US phone number Did you know you can also live stream webinars to Facebook via paid platforms? In this way, you can make your webinar even more powerful. In Zoom, this option is automatically built into the webinar application. If you need to determine which resources you need and which resource tools are not the case, you can establish links by waiting for external software. Either way, combining webinars with Facebook Live allows you to reach and engage more people. Although there are some obstacles.

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For example, you must review and answer questions in two places. So take that into consideration. As mentioned earlier, Facebook Live can power your webinars. If you want to experiment with this, I’d be happy to suggest what resources you need for these examples. Streaming Webinars to Public Facebook Pages As a politician or admin, do you have your own Facebook page with a lot of followers you can better determine what resources you need? It can then help stream your webinar to Facebook. This can be done through external software such as StreamYard or the built-in app in Zoom.

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