Summer vacation has started (or insight). That means a lot of people go on vacation. This is always a challenging period for marketers. More people on holiday means less (online) interaction on the marketing channels. This of course also Jamaica Phone Number List leads to fewer sales. That is why companies often choose to share little or no content with their B2B target group during this period.

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Shame! In this article, I share 6 tips to reach your target group in the summer. Because reaching your B2B target group with interesting knowledge and content on vacation can be very beneficial. Think about it for a moment: you are on vacation and therefore in a mental state of rest. You feel free and in a good frame of mind. Actually, this is the perfect time to share knowledge with your target audience.

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Jamaica Phone Number List

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But how do you reach them if they suddenly don’t sit behind their desk from 9 to 5? What I personally notice very much as a marketer: the reach is less, but the attention is better – provided you use your content in the right way.

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