We will not stop to defend Germany Phone Number List our territories and peoples. Sergio and Jerhy’s seed accompanies us, strengthens us and will continue to guide us until our peoples are free in their lands ”, the organizations concluded. Since 2020, most countries in the region have been affected by the pandemic, which today places America as its main territory, two years after its onset in Wuhan, China, and has led to a global rearrangement, in a world with Germany Phone Number List multiple transitions. , including health security, in addition to changes in the electoral calendar in Latin America. The Coronavirus pandemic, after hitting China and the European Union, has as its Germany Phone Number List epicenter the United States, the country with the most infected in the world, with New York as the major focus of the pandemic.

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The coronavirus has affected Germany Phone Number List Latin America to a high degree, profoundly altering the political and electoral landscape of the region, strongly impacted by the pandemic, which in December already registered more than 275 million cases worldwide and more than 5.35 million cases. deceased. There is no doubt that such a critical context in global terms directly affects politics and increases the Germany Phone Number List unrest among citizens and social movements, due to the increase in unemployment, poverty and hunger, which go hand in hand. These evils undoubtedly hit the poorest and also a middle class that has become impoverished and, consequently, political polarization is exacerbated, a scenario in which the fundamentalist sectors appeal to instill fear of change, for the maintenance of Germany Phone Number List status. quo.


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The 2021 Latin American electoral schedule Germany Phone Number List was developed in a scenario of coronavirus, uncertainty and an exacerbated attitude of the conservative and fundamentalist sectors, as confirmed by CNN when referring to the Chilean deputy José Antonio Germany Phone Number List Kast, who represents the Republican Party; exacerbation that contrasts with the citizen’s need for positive scenarios, as a consequence of the high cost of the loss of human lives suffered. Here is an example of these messages. “Baboons, apes, parasites, filthy, pack of mad dogs, ticks.” Those Germany Phone Number List are the terms a Republican Party candidate used to refer to their adversaries on social media.

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