I recently saw him as an extra in the Christmas film Home Alone 2 (1992). He never wanted to go into politics, but he always saw plenty of things that needed to change. There are many old interviews where he expresses his frustrations about how things are going in America. Content marketing is too complex. It seems that way, when you see how the group of copywriters, copywriters, content specialists and brand strategists have to pull and push to acquire a more central role in organizations with content marketing. Meanwhile, many are running after the latest trends, blinded like a rabbit by the 2 headlights of a racing car, hoping to find the magic solution there. Spoiler alert: she’s not there, we have to take a few steps back for that.

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Follow the guide, back to base. To the fans, to telling stories, to building relationships. Return à la source Koen Denolf , managing director of the Belgian The Fat Lady and Cor Hospes , owner of the Dutch Brand Journalists agree on one thing: we have to go back to basics. “Return a la source”. Cor and Koen see many organizations Egypt Phone Number miss the mark in their field. Organizations that continue to feed the “nontent monster” with more generic, meaningless content that serves no one and seems to be directed to no one. Companies that still think more is better. Or continue to follow those trends blindly, while there is still so much to improve at the base. We all know and say that only with valuable, relevant and consistent content you can make a strong connection between audience and brand.

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Why, then, is it that many continue to sin on it? Content marketing has already made a big leap, from the backroom of the organization to a place in the boardroom. So where does it go wrong? First things first: what does a cook do? Koen: “Sometimes you have to take a step back, in order to jump further”. Let’s start by defining what a content marketer is. Cor: “Everyone knows what a dentist or carpenter does. Everyone knows what a cook or copywriter does. But nobody knows what a content strategist, content specialist or storyteller does.” Content specialists are responsible for planning, creating and sharing valuable content, building trust and building loyal relationships with audiences. What is the difference with an ordinary marketer? Cor: “The traditional marketer thinks from the perspective of sending the broadest possible message to the largest possible audience. Content marketing is about becoming relevant to as specific an audience as possible, with the aim of building valuable relationships.” Everyone in the organization must support this principle.

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