United kingdom despite being the generation most connected to social networks. The truth is that these platforms are not the favorite way for young people. To receive promotions and offers from brands. This is the conclusion reached by a recent study carried out. By rapid campaign which places email as the favorite medium for this task. To carry out the study “The brands we love vs the brands we buy”. The mobile marketing company has consulted 2,000 people of all ages. The vast majority of those interviewed, specifically 76% (68% in the 16 to 24 age range). Prefer that companies send them their promotions via email. Compared to 23% who opt for the option of accessing to these discounts on. The corporate website. The second preferred communication channel for all ages.

34% Want to Find the Promotions in the Online Store, So That

they are at hand in the purchase process. Facebook was the third channel cited by the youngest participants (25%) to Bosnia And Herzegovina B2b List find out about discounts and offers from their favorite brands. These conclusions coincide with some indications that the younger generations are less and less dependent on Facebook as a communication channel and, in fact, suggest that the trend is to find promotions on the websites of the establishments themselves. “For a long time.

Businesses Have Known the Benefits of Putting Offers in Their

Bosnia And Herzegovina B2b List

windows, a strategy that has not ceased to be effective. Today, younger generations want to see promotions in online stores, so marketers need to spend more to drive traffic from external channels,” said Marko Luhtala, CEO of RapidCampaign, in a press release. The study also reflects that only 8% do not want to receive any offer or promotion, a very low percentage that guarantees the brand that consumers do want to hear from it.

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