For example, refer from one channel to another the rest of the year. This way you have a better chance of attracting attention during the Kuwait Phone Number List holiday period. If you can’t reach your target audience through the right channels, that’s a missed opportunity.

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Woman in a hammock on the beach looking at smartphone 4. Create content for mobile Sanoma conducted a study into media use during the summer holidays in 2019. This showed that almost everyone uses the internet during the summer holidays, but the way in which this is done can differ. For example, it turned out that 92% of people used their smartphones on holiday for the internet.

Kuwait Phone Number List
Kuwait Phone Number List

In addition, 40% also used their tablet, and 21% their laptop. This means it’s smart to create content specifically for mobile during the summer months. Content for mobile is different from other types of content. The screen is smaller and the attention span may be shorter. This means that you will also have to adjust the content accordingly.

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