In the Netherlands, too, a growing number of companies are deploying game-based solutions. But is this always successful? And are business goals actually being achieved? You, as a client, have a large share in this. Read in this article 5 tips to make your Oman Phone Number List gamification project a success. As is the case with many trends, it is tempting to use gamification just to use it.

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Nevertheless, it is necessary to critically consider in advance whether gamification is the right tool for what you want to achieve. Brain Burke (research VP for technology innovation at Gartner) lists 3 goals in his book Gamify (affiliate) that are ideally suited to gamification. If your project falls within (one of) these objectives, then you can definitely consider gamification!

Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

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Gamification is one of the most powerful tools for sustainable behavioral change. Our brain is hardwired not to change. It does everything it can to save effort and therefore sticks to routines and fixed patterns for as long as possible. Who wants change and who wants to change? meme. So change does not happen by itself. Behavioral scientist Ayca Szapora says. Although your brain resists big changes, it can handle small steps.

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