This tension between needs and the Iceland Email List difficulties of accessing them continues to increase the digital divide. This time of isolation in the pandemic evidenced this gap even more. Circular economy and WEEE An Electrical or Electronic Device (EEE) becomes WEEE when the user discards it without intention of using it again. “The useful life of an electronic device varies considerably according to Iceland Email List the type of device and factors such as the existence of a culture of reuse, ease of access to new technologies or the economic situation, among others.” 1 In Argentina, all three factors are important, and have different impacts on the electronic waste situation. From a circular economy Iceland Email List approach, when an EEE is discarded, if it still works properly, it can be reused.

 Classification & Possibilities

If it does not work well, it can be Iceland Email List repaired by technicians or people interested in learning how to repair. If it is not possible to re-functionalize the technology, its parts can be used to repair other devices, or it can be disassembled into its primary materials to take advantage of them in new production processes. If none of the above occurs, it goes to final disposal. The refunctional teams Iceland Email List open another path with a new use of the device. Here is the menu of possibilities for an EEE in the process of becoming WEEE. Environmental impact In the world, 53.6 million tons of WEEE were generated during 2019, 7.3 kilograms per year per inhabitant, 21% more than in 2014. If measures are Iceland Email List not taken, it will grow 56% more by 2030, doubling the amount in 16 years.


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Argentina generates annually Iceland Email List around 8.4 kg of WEEE per person, higher than the world and regional average, however it is below Mexico and Brazil in volume of waste, and Chile and Uruguay in terms of generation of waste per inhabitant. Multiplied by the 42 million inhabitants, 360 thousand tons of WEEE generated annually in the country are obtained. It is estimated that between 50% and 60% is stored in homes and small Iceland Email Listinstitutions due to ignorance about the disposal procedure. Only 10-15% reaches repair shops and technical services, and 5-10% is recycled in order to recover materials. It is estimated that 60% of WEEE ends up in garbage dumps or Iceland Email List landfills, without an adequate recycling process being applied to them.

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