Before we can customize the page content, we need to install Blank Canvas and WP RSS Aggregator first. Then we add the RSS feed that we will display on a single site. Iran Phone Number Blank Canvas Installation Children’s themes like Blank Canvas rely on their parents ’documentation to work well. Since Blank Canvas is a children’s theme for Seedlet, we need to put these two themes together. In addition,  Download the Seedlet and Blank Canvas themes. Screenshot of the download page for Seedlet and Blank Iran Phone Number Canvas, the perfect theme for building a unique content collection website. Set the two themes by clicking Appearance> Topic, then Add New button. Screenshot of Appearance> Themes with Add New button on the top. ” class = ”wp-image-348200 ″ sizes =” (top width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px ” /> Click Upload Theme and enter the .zip folder of Seedlet.

Screenshot of the Upload Theme Button Iran Phone Number

At the top of the page. Click Install Now. Repeat this step to install Blank Canvas. Under Appearance> Theme, add a Blank Canvas by hovering over the theme and Iran Phone Number clicking Activate. Screenshot of activating the Blank Canvas theme in Appearance> Themes as part of the process of creating a single content collection website. his is for the theme, now for the RSS plugin. Installing WP RSS Aggregator First, Iran Phone Number download the basic WP RSS Aggregator plugin. Install the plugin by clicking Add Plugin under Plugins> Add New. Screenshot of installing the plugin under Plugins> Add new ”class =” wp-image-348343 ″ sizes (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px ”/> Click the browser and select the .zip folder of the plugin, and click Install Now. Install the plugin by clicking Activate Plugin. Launch the plugin by clicking Activate Plugin It’s time to add some RSS feeds to show up.

Finding Food Sources to Add a Feed Source Iran Phone Number

Iran Phone Number

You first need to find the URL that links to your RSS feed. It Iran Phone Number can be difficult. While there are tools to help find them, looking at the source of every page and searching for “RSS” or “feeds” often leads to them. Add feeds to WP RSS Aggregator With the plugin installed, we can view the feed source by going to RSS Aggregator> Feed source. Clicking the Add New button takes us  to the Add New Feed Source page. Screenshot showing the location of the Source link on the left side of the WordPress Admin and the location of the Add New button at the top of the page. 2. Enter the feed name and

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